Marie et Thierry Delaunay


We practice sustainable culture on our vines. Our approach is to cultivate the slopes in the greatest respect for the soil and to be mindful to the environment. We use modern techniques and traditional know-how.
In a spirit of “sustainable culture”, our technical choices for every intervention in the vineyard are carefully decided taking into account different factors such as:

  • To maintain a rich biological life in our soils to ensure that our vines find their natural balance.
  • To observe the climate data such as the temperature and the rainfall in order to intervene as accurately as possible.
  • To take care of the well-being of our employees who work hard all year round in the vineyard by giving them an access to modern equipment.
  • To register all our interventions from soil management to bottling.
  • To bear in mind the transmission to our children of the sustainable, modern and environmentally friendly Estate which cares about the humans and vines.


Here on the Estate, we make a great effort to get high-quality grapes: cover planting parcels, rigorous winter pruning, de-budding in June, leaf-stripping in July are among the activities which help our grapes to reach perfect maturity and give us the most harmonious wines.

In the cellar the utmost care is brought to the winemaking of our different cuvées: sorting on conveyor belt, skin maceration for whites, pneumatic press at low pressure, thermoregulated fermentation, maturing on fine lees with stirring, gentle tangential filtration, bottling line according to the latest generation of screw capping or corking.
All these end-to-end techniques contribute to the excellent quality of our wines.

Over time, passion, wisdom and innovation have made the wines from our Estate renowned in France as well as in many countries across the world and the numerous national and international awards received for our wines bear witness to this.

Our beautiful Touraine region, internationally well-known for the “Chateaux” of the Loire is now also widely renowned for its wines and our Estate has taken part in this distinction.

Domaine de la Brossette


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